Simbals is a startup created by four researchers from the Computer Science Department of the University of Bordeaux (LaBRI). These experts in audio signal processing and data structure algorithms have shared six years of collaborative academic research, design and experimentation.

Matthias Robine

Founder, Researcher and Product Director

Active partner – Associate professor at Université de Bordeaux, Phd in musical Informatics, he is the author of many publications in international conferences and journals. Keystone of Simbals technology transfer, he focuses in providing the industry with the most innovative applications from research. Company founder, Matthias Robine designs Simbals products, making the interface between the music market and innovative technologies of the company.

Pierre Hanna

Founder, Researcher and Director of Research and Development

Active partner – Associate professor at Université de Bordeaux, Phd in computer science, speciality in music and sound processing. He has developed many algorithms for audio signal analysis and has published in the best international journals. He was an academic coordinator of several research projects with significant budgets. His expertise provides insight into the development of different audio and music products. Founder of the company, director of research and development, he guarantees the innovative profile of the company.

Pascal Ferraro

Founder, Researcher and President

Active partner – Associate professor at Université de Bordeaux (in a leave of absence), Phd in computer science, accreditation to supervise research, expert in algorithmic and data structures. He graduated in computer engineering from ENSEEIHT, he developed many multi-platform software products, widely used in bioinformatics and visualisation of tree graph structures. As a researcher, he is the author of more than 60 international publications. Founder and President of the company, Pascal Ferraro pursues the ambitious programs of innovation of Simbals.

Florian Iragne

Chief Technical Officer

Phd in computer science – expert in design and development of web platforms and native applications. His working experience with clients and users allows reinforcing bridges between Production and Research. He offers applications and services integrating our more recent innovations.

Benjamin Martin

Engineer and Music Data Scientist

Engineer and Phd in computer science – expert in algorithmic methods applied to music analysis. His experience in prototyping complex systems, developing digital audio software and musical knowledge allows him to work on development and maintenance of Simbals products.

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