Digital music is more than just data

Expert on big data for music, Simbals provides unique solutions for identifying musical content, recommending music and anticipating music-related trends. Simbals, your smart music data.

Simbals Analytics

Smart musical data

As experts on large scale audio data analysis and comparison, we combine all big data and machine learning tools to provide to our clients an unrivaled solution. Based on an experience validated by many scientific publications and international patents, we scale our methods to large datasets: data and metadata aggregation, music content or collaborative metadata production, similarity and affinity graph creation.

Our smart data processing combines numerous professional and exclusive sources of music data to retrieve analytical and predictive data on the music market. For instance, our technology is able to identify users according to their musical profile and to predict strong musical trends. Our APIs and dashboards make it possible to follow titles’ marketing or to challenge radio schedules.

Simbals Flow

Music recommendation and personnalized radios

We have access to databases of several million titles, associated to listening statistics. Our technology analyses data from users of various streaming platforms and from metadata associated to music pieces.

Our solution combines collaborative filtering approaches together with content similarity techniques and accurate and dynamic metadata.

Simbals enhances music recommendation by considering users’ listening satisfaction and rejections. We provide tailor-made and contextual recommendation APIs and automated radio and playlist APIs to our customers.

Simbals ID

Audio and music content identification

Simbals audio content recognition provides powerful software solutions for an enhanced user experience in your web and mobile applications. We provide API and SDK access for you to integrate to either your server or smartphone applications. Our technologies are fast, robust to noisy environments and designed to be used on a large scale.

Lately, our technologies have been chosen by Yacast in order to identify music broadcasting on television, radio and club for managing royalties in France. Several TV shows on France 3, France 5 and Canal + are synchronized with mobile applications thanks to Simbals’ audio technologies.

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